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Wendy W. Spencer

Wendy W. Spencer

        Wendy W. Spencer, President of Spencer Capital Strategies, Inc., is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERĀ® Practitioner, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, and a professional Family Law Mediator who provides clients assistance in navigating their Colorado divorce or separation. 

       Ms. Spencer develops divorce settlement options for clients and helps them understand the short and long term and tax impacts of their decisions.  Working with individual clients as well as couples, Ms. Spencer also offers mediation services in addition to financial divorce planning, and works as a team member in collaborative divorce cases.

All too often the statistics of divorce hit close to home with one out of two marriages ending in divorce. Divorce often times brings financial difficulty to both parties and, when there are children involved, can irreparably strain family relationships. Both situations can lead to a lifetime of hardships that Wendy Spencer is committed to helping individuals and couples prevent.

In Colorado individuals have a wide array of choices in pursuing their divorce: pro se (without attorney representation), mediation, collaboration and litigation. Ms. Spencer has been trained to provide assistance throughout any of these processes.

With a background in finance and a trained mediator she works with individuals by educating and empowering them in order to answer the questions: "Will I be OK after divorce?" and "How do I know what is fair." Divorcing individuals need to understand the overall financial impacts of their decisions at a time in their lives when emotions may impair good judgment.

She helps individuals and couples by addressing their financial and family concerns, allowing the opportunity for a knowledgeable and fair settlement
Wendy Spencer teaches divorce  and financial classes for the Colorado Free University, and offers divorce courses at City of Lakewood . 

Wendy is an Professional Member of the Colorado Council of Mediators, a member of the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA), a member of the Colorado Chapter of Divorce Financial Analysts, a member of the Boulder Collaborative Divorce Professionals, a member of the Colorado Collaborative Legal Professionals, a member of Mile High Collaborative Legal Professionals, and a member of the Financial Planning Association.

Spencer Capital has offices located in the Cherry Creek and Arvada areas. 

For more information, please contact Wendy Spencer directly at 303-235-2789, or by e-mail at

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