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Divorce Mediation

    Wendy Spencer was trained in Family Law Mediation and uses the model provided by the Center for Dispute Resolution in Boulder, Colorado.  She is a professional member of the Colorado Council of Mediators (CCMO), and is a member of the Colorado Collaborative Legal Professionals (CCLP), Mile High Collaborative Legal Professionals, and Boulder Collaborative Divorce Professionals.

    Mediation is the facilitation of an agreement between two parties by a neutral and unbiased professional.  One of the biggest values to mediation is that it provides an environment for developing creative solutions that help meet the needs of all individuals. 

    Mediation is not a matter of “what is more for me is less for you”.  Mediation helps make the pie bigger, rather than trying to increase size of each person’s slice by making smaller the other person’s slice.  Family law professionals have found that opposing parties who mutually developed their agreements have longer lasting, more workable, and fair settlements.  Parties who may have to remain in contact with each other for years have a better working relationship.  

    Divorce laws are specific to each state, and while the Colorado divorce legal proceedings are not as onerous as some other states, they can be tricky for divorcing couples to navigate and still try to settle their differences.  Wendy facilitates divorcing couples develop agreements that work for them, their families, and their futures.