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When my marriage came to end in 2006, I found myself in a very difficult situation and was stifled by fear and anxiety. As for most people it was my first divorce and I had no prior experiences in this regard. Friends and family tried to help but I needed a neutral person with sufficient legal and financial knowledge to guide me through the complicated process without further deteriorating our financial circumstances. Wendy Spencer was the right person: she helped me clarify the situation, presented do-able ideas to both me and my former spouse and worked quickly and effectively through the process. Her MOU was accepted by the judge and is still valid today three years later. Wendy helped us resolve our conflict quickly, inexpensively and with as little emotional trauma as possible, so that my ex-husband and I could continue to co-parent our two young sons with a mutually respectful attitude. I want to thank Wendy for her fabulous service and recommend her highly to anyone in a similar situation.

--Rita S.

I met Wendy Spencer about 4 years ago. She was extremely helpful and directed me through many difficulties by providing me with helpful suggestions and/or solutions to my divorce/financial challenges (of which there were many). Due to Wendy Spencer's expertise in this field, I would highly recommend her services.


I must say, you gave me information on what I could expect the court to do on monetary division that gave me the ammunition to arrange a favorable settlement. I really appreciated that since my lawyer didn't seem up to the fight to get me a fair share. Thank you.


I would highly recommend divorce mediation if the two parties cannot communicate. My ex husband and I hired Wendy Spencer to help us mediate our divorce. Wendy is an excellent communicator; she allows both sides to actively participate in the mediation process. She possesses professionalism and confidence. Wendy was able to introduce alternatives that were “out of the box” which makes her unique. I truly appreciated her wisdom and experience.


I have had the pleasure of working with Wendy Spencer on several divorce cases. Wendy has been a great asset to the client (and to me, as the client’s legal advisor) in every case. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Wendy provides the client with a prompt, thorough analysis of existing and post-divorce financial issues and how best to manage the client’s needs and desires. In the most recent case in which Wendy and I worked together, her continuing and sage financial advice assisted greatly in obtaining a very favorable financial settlement for the client. I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone going through a divorce, or any attorney representing a divorce client, obtain at least an initial consultation with Wendy. Please feel free to call me.

--Mike Hulen, Hulen & Leutwyler, LLC, Attorneys at Law, Phone 303-932-8666

Divorce can be a very stressful, emotional and complex process and I had the pleasure of using the mediation services of Wendy Spencer. Wendy’s professional and real world approach to our very complex situation provided the frame work which allowed us to reach a separation agreement at a fraction of the cost of litigation. She was very sensitive to the emotional side of the mediation process and was very good at suggesting alternative approaches with decisions that needed to be made. I would highly recommend Wendy Spencer and her mediation services and avoid litigation if you can.

--Drew Vasko

I was very impressed with Wendy Spencer and her expertise in mediation instead of using a lawyer. Her fees were very reasonable. She used appointment time very effectively. Her insights for both mediation parties was very fair. She always remained calm even when the situation wasn't. She documented all details of discussions and kept all parties informed at all times. I don't wish divorce on anyone, but this path for couples without children, was the most amicable and least frustrating of all. I would recommend Wendy Spencer to any couple who is willing to put some of the angst and anger on the side and progress expeditiously through the estate division needed to move on with ones life after divorce.

--Jim Hartman

What some people say about working with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst:

CDFAs can provide invaluable information that allows the court to arrive at a fair, equitable, and just resolution - not just at the moment of trial, but down the road as well.

--Honorable Kathleen M. McCarthy
Family Court Division Judge

For anyone whose marriage is heading for splitsville, a CDFA can help ease the pain. And by taking work off lawyers' shoulders, they can help lower the cost, as well.

The Toronto Star, 2006

A CDFA... has specialized skills and experiences that enables him or her to analyze financial issues in divorce in their long term context. A CDFA can take the offer on the table and project out 5, 10, 20 years to show you what you'll have to live on if you sign the agreement.

Divorce Magazine, 2004

To many clients, nervous or frustrated with the divorce process, (CDFAs) have been a big help and a money-saver in the long run.

The Wall Street Journal, 2003

To help ensure a fair settlement agreeable to both parties, these CDFAs)... offer specialized knowledge and skills many divorce lawyers don't have.

The Miami Herald, 2002